God in the Bhagavad Gita

Krishna, the Supreme Soul (Paramatma), tells us quite a few things about himself in his lecture to individual souls (jivatma), the Bhagavad Gita. Listed below are selected qualities of the Supreme Person, who is also known as Brahman.

1. He does karma to prevent the universe from collapse (3:24) but does not desire any fruits (4: 14). Consequently, his karma can not bind him.
2. Though he is unborn, he incarnates on earth to establish righteousness (4:7-8).
3. While the universe is pervaded by him, he is beyond the universe (9: 4).
4. At dissolution, all beings return to nature and are later created again by God at the beginning of the aeon (kalpa). (9: 7).
5. Nature gives birth to creation under his inspiration (9: 10).
6. On reaching him, there is no possibility for rebirth (8:16).
7. He is eternal, omnipresent, unthinkable, and changeless (12:3).
8. Though he is very close to us, he is very far at the same time; he is too subtle to be recognized (13:15).
9. He is superior to both the perishable (bound to material nature) and the imperishable (soul). 15:18
10. Om, Tat, Sat — are three of his names (17:23).

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